The 3 Things Google Wants

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The baseline of successful Search Engine Optimization is identical to pretty much the baseline to actually making money on the internet. There is only one magic wand, and it’s called content. Content is the key that will convince Google to direct thousands of targeted visitors to your site.

Now, do not make the mistake to isolate the thought of content to refer to writing only. Graphic content is equally important, if not even more so with video leading the pack. But the minute one mention video, most marketers immediately think “High Cost”, when in fact you can create your own videos at no cost with Microsoft Expression Encoder… just a thought.

How to Create Useful and Interesting Content

How will you know that your content is in fact useful and interesting? Well, that can be confirmed by just checking you visitor / hit ration. Once a sites Hit ratio exceeds the Visitor count, then that is a clear indication that you have returning visitors. That will soon amount to comments and engagement that will boost your site’s Page Authority. Your written content should exceed 2000 words per post, because this will boost your site’s Domain Authority.

But how do you write useful and interesting content? The best word to describe that will be knowledge, which can only be obtained through personal trial and error. You need to develop your own tactics, and that can only be done by constantly testing other concepts and compiling your own collection. As an affiliate marketer, product knowledge plays an important role which is why you need to actually purchase and use the product you intent to promote. It is the only way you will inspire curiosity with your audience, and that is a great starting point to visitor sales conversion.

As you progress, your knowledge will expand because you also need to engage with other professionals within your niche. Share ideas and tactics, but try to avoid sales pitches because that is not what professional engagement is about. First you must learn as much as you possibly can, and then your content will improve accordingly.

A great importance to highlight would also be keywords, because the keywords you wish to rank for should populate your writing especially. But there are three groups of keywords that when used in conjunction tends to get Google’s attention surprisingly fast. The three groups are; Short Tail Keywords, Long Tail Keywords and Anchor text.

Short Tail Keywords – Are single keywords and often referred to as Primary Keywords. These are the keywords that you want present in your domain name, but be objective and precise. Let’s use the Dieting Niche for demonstration. Good Short tail keywords will then be Health, Diet and Weight. These three particular keywords get searched around 982,000 times on Google per Month. That’s almost a Million Searches, can you see where this keyword thing is going?

Long Tail Keywords – These are normally no more than Three Keywords making up a Keyword Phrase. Within the Niche we’re using for demonstration, lose weight, losing weight, lose weight fast, and fast weight loss are excellent Long Tail Keywords. They are searched around 564,100 times on Google per Month. But you will have to research the keywords relevant to your niche, which means your results will be different. Long Tail Keywords are being used in your Site, and Posts Title. It works really well if the Long and Short tail Keywords are combined.

Anchor Text – These are Longer Keyword Phrases and refer to the phrase someone will type into their browser to search a specific interest. The kind of search someone would enter when they are much more likely to buy. For this demonstration, how to lose weight, how to lose weight fast, and want to lose weight are great examples. Anchor text is what must be present on your site’s home page, the Google Spider love seeing this and it helps with ranking. These anchor texts are searched 852,300 times on Google per Month. Now combine the results of the three tests we’ve just done.

Yes, 2,398, 400 Searches on Google per Month for the three search categories combined. By now you must realize the potential of proper keyword research, and why the 3% of super affiliate marketers get to make those disgusting amounts of money online.

How Graphic Content and Colour Affects Your Visitor

When designing your website, you want to use colour to inspire a certain mood within your visitor. You can inspire a certain psychological response by merely leveraging the use of different colours and images. The use of Colour have been proven to be an outstanding leveraging tool, especially when combined with interesting and useful content.

The colour red for instance will automatically inspire urgency, this is an attention getting colour and must be used in accordance. Where orange has a more adventurous and sense of affordability kind of effect. Yellow is known to inspire cheerfulness and fun, and sometimes even achievement. Green is a natural colour and it will inspire thoughts of nature, and balance. The message of clarity of thought and communication can be sent by using turquoise.

Strange enough, blue inspire thoughts of honesty and trustworthiness setting the visitor at ease by subconsciously making them feel safe. Ever wondered why Facebook’s Primary colour is blue, just a thought that may indicate proof of colour psychology. Indigo goes well with blue because it creates a sense of integrity and sincerity, it can be very convincing. But don’t ever abuse these hidden tactics, always offer a solution to a common need that actually works. Don’t “Trick” your visitor because that will only ensure a high refund rate.

Purple will have your visitor feel creative and inventive because it’s an individual colour. Magenta goes well with purple because it’s a compassionate colour, spiritual and practical. Naturally pink is compassionate, often representing love making it understanding with a youthful romantic effect. White have been known to inspire the thought of simplicity, that of cleanliness. It represents order, a new beginning or slate to write on. Black is authority, inspiring thoughts of power and control. Grey is pretty much a natural colour, more refined and contemporary.

Brown will have the effect of comfort on your visitor, inspiring dependability and friendliness. Then there’s also what we call the more sophisticated colours like silver and gold, these are considered more superior colours. But don’t go painting everything gold and silver.

Silver is a modern sophisticated colour and it has a calming, even uplifting effect on your visitor. It also has some degree of mystery to it, which can work well with free give-aways for instance. Much like silver, gold is often related to high value. It suggests luxury and prestige while reflecting wisdom with beauty and generosity.

Use these colours with moderation, and be objective about the kind of mood you wish to create with your website. Creating the desired psychological response is what will keep your visitor on your website. It will even ensure a returning visitor because your visitors will be more likely to book mark your website. Using colour correctly is just as important as relevant content creation, if not even more so. Because when you have set the perfect mood, your content will be much more appreciated and valued by your visitor. Colour psychology is a proven tactic, used by many successful affiliate marketers.

But where will you be able to obtain royalty free images, because we wouldn’t want to step on any toes, now would we? Well, there are actually thousands of sites that will allow you to download royalty free images at no cost to you. Simply enter into your browser the search term “Royalty Free Images” and then simply visit the links and decide for yourself.

Always remember that when you do download images, you must always open the image first and then download. I found that when images are downloaded without opening them first, normally result in an image of around 150 x 150 pixels. That will give you a terrible resolution when you crop the image.

It is equally important to always download images as large as possible, because this result in perfect HD resolution when you resize the image.

How to Create and Easily Launch Your Own Videos

It’s alarming how much money is spent on relevant Tools to do affiliate marketing successfully, when you consider the fact that most tools are offered free by Google and Microsoft. Microsoft presents the Microsoft Expression Encoder, which is a software product that automatically record your screen activity. This is a great tool to use when you aim at publishing tutorial videos, which is a huge advantage as an affiliate marketer. All the tools you need to success is right in front of you, but for the purpose of this article we’re only going to cover video recording.

Accessing Microsoft Expressions Encoder – All you have to do is type (Microsoft Expression Encoder) into your browser and search. Then click on the first link you see on the search result page which may read something like (Download Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 from Official… ) and you will be redirected to the download page which is secure through Microsoft. You will see the red “Download” button next to the language, click on that and install the software. Another window will open with more free products and apps which you can browse while waiting for your download to complete. After download you simply install and the shortcuts to the Expression Software and Encoder should appear on your screen. Once installed, you will find a new folder in your “Documents” on your PC named “Expression” and this is where Microsoft automatically saves all your video projects and productions.

Recording A Video – You now want to click on your Microsoft Expression Recording software and not the second shortcut which is your encoder, you can only use the encoder once you have recorded your first video. You will see a little microphone in the window that just opened and you must ensure the microphone is turned on in order to voice record. Then you click on the red recording button in your recorder window. You will notice a parameter window opening and you must set your screen perimeter to the area you wish to record. Best to reduce the perimeter from the top if you wish to hide things like usernames and login details during tutorial involving your personal profiles and/or memberships.

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